Maximizes efficiencies through information sharing across
Information is available 24/7
Fully scalable and configurable
Easy to migrate data from existing programs
Optimizes sales force effectiveness

EduTech, an end-to-end data collection, management and analysis software system for colleges and universities enables institutions to run at maximum efficiency by helping key personnel such as administrators, instructors and sales representative be more organized and ensuring that crucial information is available across departments.

A Web-based system offered by Hanu Software, a leading business solutions provider based in Princeton, N.J., EduTech is fully scalable and configurable. Based on Microsoft technology, the system makes it easy to migrate data from legacy programs and has a user-friendly interface that requires minimal staff training. It’s available as an installation or for a monthly service fee.

Its role-based configuration ensures each user only has access to information relevant to his or her job. Users can input or retrieve data 24/7 from their work or home computers.

EduTech Features & Key Modules from Student Database:

Recruitment & Enrollment

  • Maintain lists of leads
  • Plan and monitor sales representative activity
  • Track status of prospective students
  • Generate admission letter
  • Enroll student


  • Track progress of students as they go through the program, with information on courses taken, grades received and attendance
  • Record counselor comments and observations

Financial Aid

  • Configure Scholarships, Grants and Loans using rules set-up
  • System identifies and notifies eligible students
  • Detailed reports for Sponsors

Finance and Accounting

  • Record student costs for tuition, fees and other items
  • List funding sources and payment schedules for individual students
  • Generate invoices and reports
  • Track student payments and outstanding balances

Student Housing

  • Automated allotment for Dorm based on criteria
  • Space utilization reports

Classroom Management

  • Maintain student profiles showing information such as grades, attendance and current course load
  • Monitor group activity by program, course and instructor, including enrollment, attendance and grades


  • Show breakdown of enrollment by source of referral
  • Show course or program attendance by various criteria, including individual student or date
  • Aggregate information by source on funding anticipated and received
  • Show placement status of graduates by date and program

Graduate and Career Placement

  • Record graduate placement information
  • Store resumes of students and graduates
  • Maintain database of graduates available for employment

With EduTech, schools and training centers can:

  • Optimize sales force effectiveness, resulting in higher enrollment with lower costs per enrollee.
  • Improve retention through more focused student advice and counseling.
  • Break down communication barriers that result when departments use separate data collection systems.
  • Improve engagement by empowering staff with accurate, accessible information.
  • Better anticipate and manage cash flow.
  • Enable more sophisticated data analytics to drive better business decisions.
  • Give personnel the flexibility to better manage their time by allowing them to input and retrieve data remotely.
  • Easily integrate EduTech with your home grown applications.
  • Deploy EduTech as a combination of one or more modules.