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“It’s refreshing to have offshore development partners who simply get the job done. The way they communicate throughout the process creates a level of comfort as though they are down the hall working in your outer office.”

  • — CEO,
    CA based Media and Entertainment ISV

Offshore Software Development for the Media and Entertainment Industry

The media and entertainment industry is directly impacted by changes in software development. This industry is frequently faced with new technology choices for the reception and delivery of content. It affects the daily consumption of media by consumers and thereby experiences tough demands for new and better software development.

Hanu combines its comprehensive domain knowledge with deep technological understanding to provide customized and cost effective offshore software product development solutions to media and entertainment companies for a competitive edge in fast changing markets.

Hanu specializes in applying audio effects (i.e. Pan, Volume, Echo, Reverb, Equalizer etc.) on multiple file formats (.wav, mp3, ac3 etc) through its own audio mixing component library.

Our offshore software development offerings include:

  • Conversion Tools of various Audio/Video format
  • Processing of Standard Audio Effects (Echo, Reverb, Equalizer, Flanging etc.)
  • Mixing of Wave, MP3 and Ac3 file format with applied Audio Effects
  • MP3 Codec Integration
  • Plugin Development for Pinnacle Studio
  • Processing of Audio/Video Editing
  • Mobile, PDA's Application Development

Media and Entertainment Client Success Stories

  • Hanu developed a Pinnacle Plugin for importing our customer’s sound recipes (SoundFX files) on to the Pinnacle Project Space.
  • For an ISV customer, Hanu designed and developed a Sound Mixer, which can apply audio effects (Pan, Reverb, Echo, Volume) on selected SoundFX files of Recipe under various categories. The SoundFX files, with applied audio effects, can be experienced individually or in combination of selected sound files, which are compatible with industry standard quality of sound.
  • Hanu developed a web based audio mixing tool for users to create customized ringtones that are delivered to Mobile / PDA devices as a SMS/MMS. The Sound Mixer supports mixing .WAV and .MP3 file formats and generates a final SoundFX file in requested file format (.WAV or .MP3) which is delivered to mobile devices in ringtone format. Users can apply the volume, pan, echo and reverb attributes of sounds on any selected basic audio file with a preview feature before customer purchase.